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Selasa, 13 Desember 2011

For All Your Formica Care

Cleaning up couldn't be easier

Most spills simply wipe away with a damp cloth or any Surface Cleaner. Rubbing gently with a clean, dry cloth brings back the brightness. With a few sensible precautions, you and your Formica® laminate surface will spend a long and happy life together.

* Do’s and Don’ts:

• Avoid scourers and abrasives – they will damage the surface.
• Don't place hot objects, electrical appliances or pots straight from the oven/cooker onto your Formica laminate surface.
• Don't cut on the Formica laminate surface.
• Do keep waxes and polishes well away - they dull the natural shine. 

* Streaks

Streaky marks sometimes show on dark colors after cleaning. Liquid Surface Cleaner spray usually removes them. 

* Spills

Formica laminate surfaces resist staining from most household chemicals. With some accidental spills however, prompt action is essential. Wipe off beetroot, grape and berry juices, first aid preparations and concentrated bleach immediately. Specialty glues such as Super Glue must also be removed immediately with acetone (nail polish remover). Note: some solvent-based texture pens may leave permanent marks unless removed immediately. 

* Stains

If the stain won't budge with liquid Surface Cleaner, try methylated spirits or 2 or 3 light rubs with a creme cleanser. As a last resort, dab the stain with a diluted bleach mixture (1 part bleach to 8 parts water); leave for 3 minutes then remove. Finish off with liquid Surface Cleaner. Please note that this process may bleach the laminate surface. 

* Scratches

Formica laminate surfaces will withstand normal wear and tear, but can be damaged by scratching or cutting with utensils, knives and unglazed pottery. Darker colors will show scratches more readily than lighter colors. In general, dark colors and high gloss surfaces require more care and maintenance than lighter colors and lower gloss. To minimize scratching, always place and lift objects from the surface – never drag or slide them across the surface. 

* Specific Product Care - Formica Solid Color & Pattern laminates and Gloss finish

A damp cloth removes spills and greasy spots. Rub with a clean, dry cloth to bring back brightness. Occasionally clean with warm soapy water. To remove heavy build-up of dirt use Mr Muscle Glass & Surface Cleaner. 

* Specific Product Care - Formica DecoMetal laminates metallic finish

Wipe off spills or marks promptly with a soft cloth and warm soapy water. NEVER use abrasive cleaners, even those in liquid form, as they will impair the surface. Also NEVER use solvents on metallic laminates.

* Specific Product Care - Formica Pearlescent board

A damp cloth removes spills and greasy spots. Rub with a clean, dry cloth to bring back brightness. Occasionally clean with warm soapy water. To remove heavy build-up of dirt use mild glass spray cleaner. 

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